Chevrolet 985792 Dial Drum Replacement

The problem with this set was the significantly deteriorated dial drum. This drum is made of thin plastic and was cracked. The cracked plastic was covered in clear tape that wasn't in much better shape. The following picture shows the condition of the drum:

I could have called it done at this point but that dial drum just wouldn't look right in freshly restored 1947 Chevrolet.

The drum was carefully removed, scanned on a flat bed scanner and then re-created using a graphics program. Here's the original and re-created dial scales:

The next challenge was to find something suitable to make a new drum. The drum is 1 1/4" in diameter. I couldn't find anything with that exact diameter but a trip to the local CVS pharmacy did yield a small bottle of shampoo that was close and of the right color. The ink is first scraped off and then the label (printed on an ALPS printer) is applied.

A protective clear plastic laminate is then applied over the dial scale to protect it. Here is a picture of the drum installed.

And here's a picture of the completed installation...much better!