Motorola 708

Motorola was a major player in the manufacture of car radios. They made radios specifically for car manufacturers and also made "aftermarket" radios. An aftermarket radio would have a dial/tuner made to fit a particular car model with the radio manufacturer name on the radio, typically the dial. These aftermarket radios typically are of no interest to those restoring a car or truck; most people look for radios specifically made for their vehicle.

This radio is a Motorola "Golden Voice" model 708 and was made for installation in a 1941-1947 Mopar product. Circuit-wise, it is as good as anything out there. The build quality is good and it is relatively easy to service. The radio has a unique preset tuning mechanism, reminiscent of the "Adjust-O-Matic" used in 1940's Ford radios. It is basically a drum that rotates to one of six positions (5 pre-sets and 1 for manual tuning) depending on which of the six buttons is pressed. The drum or turret is rotated by solenoid action. It also has a unique system to set the pre-sets: after a button is pressed on the tuning head, a bakelite button is pressed on the side of the radio, then a small knob is adjusted to tune in the desired station. The following work was performed on this set:

The picture below shows the restored radio ( before pictures).