1956 Delco Wonderbar Sensitivity Switch Wafer Replacement

This set arrived for conversion but both the sensitivity switch and tone controls were damaged. This is the damage that typically occurs when the ends of the control shafts take a good shot during shipping, when dropped, etc. Tone control wafers are relatively easy to come by but the sensitivity switch wafer...not so much. I had no similar switch on hand so it was time to make one. The following picture shows the pieces:

Here's a picture of the pieces attached to the sticky side of some label paper.

The section is then scanned, imported into CorelDraw and then graphics are created.

The graphics were then transferred to a piece of phenolic board, to be cut, sanded and drilled.

Here is the wafer with the contacts installed and the wafer installed onto the shaft bushing.

The completed assembly is now ready to be used as a function switch.