Car Radio Services

Original Radio Repair

I no longer repair/restore tube-type or transistor-type car radios, only repairs that are part of conversions (see below), as follows:

These services are part of the conversion process:

Conversions & Upgrades

Stereo boards:

Bluetooth adapters:

USB adapters:

Below is a picture of a 1953 Desoto radio with voltage booster/inverter, FMR-1 stereo board, BT-1 Bluetooth adapter and USB-1 adapter.

Upgrade Warranty:

Installation of Aurora products and the products themselves are warrantied for a period of one year from the date of shipment of the radio to the customer. I also warranty any parts and labor that were needed to be replaced or repaired as part of any upgrades. Failure of original components not requiring service or repair at the time of upgrade component installation (including but not limited to tuning coils/mechanisms, on-off switches, tone controls, volume controls) are not covered. If problems develop with original components, additional repair charges will apply, including parts and labor to repair or replace, return shipping, and any applicable sales tax.